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Love’s Ice Cream

In 2018 Sanchia Mooney, Rachel Mooney and Caroline Bradfield  asked “what if we could start an ice cream business offering locally, made from scratch, world class ice cream in Cumberland? Community Futures thought why not?

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Love’s Ice Cream is made fresh in Cumberland BC. They use high quality, whole ingredients sourced locally and seasonally whenever possible.

The business supports local suppliers, farmers and producers to  promote and participate in a healthy, thriving local economy.

Sanchia, Rachel and Caroline have created something very special in Cumberland with their uniqueness and flair for creativity. The quality of their ice cream is sublime and will definitely have you express at the top of your lungs “This is the best ice cream I’ve ever had!”


We were fairly confident we had a good idea and that our community would support our dream of an ice cream business. Community Futures saw our potential, were enthusiastic and encouraging, and have continued to support us in so many ways. From the moment we connected with Community Futures, we felt we had a company rooting for us to succeed. Community Futures has been instrumental in the creation of Love’s Ice Cream. Thank-you, Community Futures, for your continuing support. It really means a lot.

Caroline Bradfield – Love’s Ice Cream


Owning a small business is never easy. There are always hurdles to jump and pressures to overcome. It takes special people such as the Love’s team to overcome these obstacles through investing the time, energy and risk necessary to become successful. These efforts ultimately strengthen the local economy by adding employment opportunities that would otherwise not be available. And it all started with what if? Congratulations Love’s Ice Cream, our respect for entrepreneurs like you is immense.

We strongly suggest that you visit Love’s Ice Cream to taste what grass fed milk, real fruit, and homemade waffle cones can do to your taste buds. It is a wonderful business operated by wonderful people. Prepare to be impressed!

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