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Misko Djs Top Quality Music

In 2019, Misko Valent asked “why don’t I take my enjoyment of music and create a business? Community Futures thought why not?

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For over 40 years Misko Valent has been gathering music for the sole purpose of enjoyment. This includes canned music entertainment for weddings, receptions, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas parties, school dances and any other event that requires awesome tunes.

This business allows Misko to do what he loves most. To entertain and see people smiling, tapping their toes and generally having a good time. He enjoys what he does and the business is a reflection of Misko’s persona. If you need the services of a DJ, Misko DJ’s Top Quality Music is the one to use.

I wouldn’t be in business without Community Futures Strathcona’s guidance and financial aid. They were very supportive, a wealth of knowledge, providing astute observations and recommendations. Answered all my questions in a timely professional manner, they were an inspiration, motivating me to continue their fine example of small business practices. Gave me the confidence to step forward and claim my dreams. Thank-you!

Misko DJ’s Top Quality Music – Misko Valent


Owning a small business is never easy. There are always hurdles to jump and pressures to overcome. It takes special people such as Misko to overcome these obstacles through investing the time, energy and risk necessary to become successful. These efforts ultimately strengthen the local economy by adding employment opportunities that would otherwise not be available. And it all started with what if? Congratulations Misko, our respect for entrepreneurs like you is immense.

We strongly suggest that you use Misko DJs Top Quality Music for your next event and meet Misko in person. It is a wonderful business operated by wonderful people. Prepare to be impressed!

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