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Modlux Interiors

In 2016, Desiree Barton asked “what if I could open my own interior design, drafting, and retail business right here in Campbell River?” Community Futures thought why not?

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Desiree is a successful Interior Design graduate with significant work experience at a construction company in the Comox Valley. It is through her work experience sourcing various products for home builders that a gap in the marketplace was identified and the idea of Modlux was born.

Today the company offers a full range of residential drafting and interior design services. From consultations to complete home packages no project is too large or small. They can work with the most frugal to luxurious budgets and make your space a place that you are proud to call your own.

When first starting my small retail/interior design business, I approached 3 different banking institutions to acquire start-up financing for my project. Even though my credit was impeccable and I had savings of 30% to put towards the business, I was met with “no chance”, “not likely”, and “we can give you 20% of what you are looking for”. My accountant recommended I speak with Community Futures Strathcona to see if we could work together. I had several meetings where we worked through the details of what I was looking for, specifics of my business (from vision to operations), and with that information they put together a spreadsheet of financial projections which I still use today. They were kind, courteous, and as excited about my project as I was. I highly recommend them for anyone looking for financial aid to see their dreams come true! Mine certainly has thanks to them!

Desiree Barton, Owner/Operator – Modlux Interiors Inc.

Modlux Interiors has quickly become a reputable and professional small business that truly listens and respects its customers. Desiree is thorough, hard working, willing to listen and offers straight-forward pricing that takes the guess work out of the project. You will be proud of the end result because Desiree takes pride in her work.

Modlux Interiors is an elegant one stop shop for the designing home owner and it is created through the time, energy and risks that entrepreneurs such as Desiree are willing to invest. These efforts ultimately strengthen the local economy by adding employment opportunities that would otherwise not be available. And it all started with what if? Congratulations Desiree, our respect for entrepreneurs like you is immense.

Please visit Desiree’s website or stop by the shop to check-out all of the wonderful things available. It is a wonderful business operated by a wonderful person. Prepare to be impressed!

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