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Nesbitt’s Island Coffee

In 2019, Kris Nesbitt asked “why don’t we expand our business and move to a location that will offer more to our customers? Community Futures thought why not?

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Nesbitt’s Island Coffee is a café located at the north end of Campbell River that roasts its own beans and is dedicated to making a memorable experience that now includes live music and authentic Mexican cuisine. If you’ve been to this business then you already love the coffee, love the food and love the service. If you haven’t, then you truly are missing a little gem of Campbell River.

Kris Nesbitt has owned the business since 2005 and is committed to his customers and Campbell River. Not only does he take the art of coffee seriously but also the role a small business plays in creating community. This involvement benefits everyone and its great to see the results of Kris’s dedication.

Thanks again for believing in our game plan and having faith that we would make it happen. We are grateful beyond words for Community Futures trust in us. 

Nesbitt’s Island Coffee – Kris Nesbitt


Owning a small business is never easy. There are always hurdles to jump and pressures to overcome. It takes special people such as Kris to overcome these obstacles through investing the time, energy and risk necessary to become successful. These efforts ultimately strengthen the local economy by adding employment opportunities that would otherwise not be available. And it all started with what if? Congratulations Kris, our respect for entrepreneurs like you is immense.

We strongly suggest that you visit Nesbitt’s Island Coffee and meet Kris or Stephen in person. It is a wonderful business operated by wonderful people. Prepare to be impressed!

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