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West Coast Sushi Snax

In 2019, Jake Berman asked “why don’t we purchase manufacturing equipment to expand our business? Community Futures thought why not?

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Jake’s business makes small handheld sushi snacks with a variety of quality ingredients including fish, crab and vegetables. They are a healthy fresh snack that is high in omega-3 fatty acids and for the moms and dads, easy to eat on the run.

Established on Hornby Island, the business is experiencing significant growth due to the popularity of the product; from taste, shape and packaging, everyone loves sushi snax. It is a great snacking alternative that is offered at a great price. Please give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Community Futures was great to work with and very supportive of our business. Their assistance in increasing our production rate has been crucial to our continued growth on Vancouver Island, and beyond. Thank you.

West Coast Sushi Snax – Jake Berman


Owning a small business is never easy. There are always hurdles to jump and pressures to overcome. It takes special people such as Jake to overcome these obstacles through investing the time, energy and risk necessary to become successful. These efforts ultimately strengthen the local economy by adding employment opportunities that would otherwise not be available. And it all started with what if? Congratulations Jake, our respect for entrepreneurs like you is immense.

We strongly suggest that you taste West Coast Sushi Snax by purchasing them from your local independent grocer or by taking a trip to Hornby Island to meet Jake in person. It is a wonderful business operated by wonderful people. Prepare to be impressed!

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