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Community Futures Strathcona acts honestly with integrity and treats all borrowers fairly & reasonably.


Kevin assumed the role of Executive Director of Community Futures Strathcona in November 2017. Previously he fulfilled the role of Business Analyst for 18 years. Kevin works cooperatively within the community and with a Board of Directors, staff, and stakeholders to enhance the economic, social, environmental and cultural health of the Strathcona and Comox Valley Regional Districts through the organizations economic development efforts. In addition, Kevin oversees the core service of the organization which is to foster employment opportunities through its small business loans program.

Phung assumed the role of Administration Manager of Community Futures Strathcona in 2019. Previously Phung worked with the Self-Employment Program known as Business Futures. She now carries out the financial transactions of the organization in addition to administering our provincial and federal contracts.


Ferris assumed the role of Business Analyst of Community Futures Strathcona in February 2018. Previously Ferris fulfilled the role of Senior Financial Advisor for 9 years in the Canadian Banking Industry. Ferris is the principal contact for all loan and business development clients and is responsible for commercial lending, growth of the loan portfolio, business counselling and assessing the feasibility of client business ideas, proposals and plans.

Redress/Privacy Policy

All loans and credit products must be based on a genuine assessment of the borrower’s needs, the suitability of the product to meet those needs, and demonstrated capacity to meet the repayments. If an applicant feels they have been wronged or mistreated, they may follow a redress mechanism that begins by informally complaining to the Executive Director.

We base our lending decisions on a careful and prudent assessment of a borrower’s financial position and capacity to repay a loan. Our responsible approach to lending is based on (but not limited to) two key aspects of assessment to ensure credit is being provided responsibly. These are:

  • assessing the suitability of a credit product for an individual and
  • assessing a person’s capacity to repay the proposed credit debt.

The highest standards of disclosure and procedural fairness will be adhered to. This will include:

  • explaining the interest options that are available;
  • explaining how to repay the debt in full;
  • explaining all fees and charges that apply to the loan;
  • adhering to the Personal Information Protection Act.
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